Pre-season Sale on FleetPlows

Photo of FleetPlow Fixed Mount Scraper System

$4,500 off orders received by June 15th or $3,500 off orders received by July 15th

FleetPlows by Scraper Systems are designed for fast, efficient, low maintenance operation in the harshest of winter conditions.

Automate snow clearing from your truck fleet quickly and safely

Snow that accumulates on the top of your fleet vehicles is dangerous to your business. Dangerous not only because of the safety risk that it poses to highway motorists that drive behind snow-covered trucks, but dangerous to your bottom line. Large amounts of snowfall in winter can delay your fleet from leaving your facility, jeopardize delivery deadlines, consume employee resources and increase fuel costs.

FleetPlows reduce liability and operational costs by automating the process of removing snow from your truck fleet quickly and efficiently. Designed to work with truck trailers and box trucks, also safe to use on translucent roofs.

Scraper Systems’ patented design extends across the entire product line. No other manufacturer can match that level of effectiveness when it comes to removing snow from truck trailers, box trucks, sea containers, and other delivery or service fleets.

Protect your Bottom Line and keep your Trucks on the Road

  • Reduce labor costs
  • Reduce equipment damage
  • Reduce fleet idle time
  • Prevent injuries to employees, OSHA violations & workers compensation claims
  • Reduce fuel costs
  • Eliminate violations & fines to drivers
  • Reduce risks & liability to motorists
  • Protect your brand from negative publicity


Deep-V Plow Assembly

Photo of FleetPlow Deep-V Plow Assembly

The deep-V plow blade is over 13 ft. wide and discharges deep, heavy snow to both sides of the trailer. This removes more snow more quickly than other designs. Even in uneven terrain, the pliable rubber edge of the plow blade remains in constant contact with the truck trailer tops, thanks to the Accu-Track guide system. And it is safe to use on translucent roofs.

Automatic Clearing Cycle

The available OneTAP™ level of automation (patent pending) allows drivers to activate the system by simply pressing a button. This decreases the time it takes to clear trucks, eliminates operator error, reduces personnel on site, and ensures that the plow always returns to proper safe height for the next driver.

Photo of FleetPlow Portable Scraper System


The Fully-Portable Scraper Systems models are the most versatile snow removal units offered. They perform just as fast and efficiently as the fixed-mount models, but they can be repositioned or relocated with little effort. They are manufactured with the same high-quality, heavy-duty structural steel design and receive the same 3-step durable all-weather finishing process with machinery-grade rust-prohibitive enamel.

What distinguishes the Fully-Portable Scraper Systems units from other snow removal systems is that they do not require any concrete footers for installation. As a result, they can be repositioned to different locations within your facility, or relocated to an entirely different facility if necessary. 2,000 lb. concrete stabilizing ballasts on either side of the drive-through frame make sure the unit is securely anchored in place while operating on your site. The Fully-Portable model makes it easy to reclaim space in your shipping yard after the threat of winter snow has passed for the season.

Photo of FleetPlow Fixed Mount Scraper System


This model comes with heavy steel base plates welded on the main support beams. Concrete footers must be constructed and poured on site prior to the unit installation. With this bolt-on mounting system, the unit can be relocated should the need arise. The Fixed Mount Systems also has all the same features as the Portable System list above.

Like all Scraper System models, the drive-under frame measures a generous 15 ft. across, while accommodating truck trailer heights from 9 ft. to 16 ft. The plow assembly is powered by the Harrington 1/2 ton extreme-duty 110V electric chain hoist controllable from the operator’s station mounted on the driver’s side beam column or by the optional radio remote control system.

The unit comes pre-wired from the factory, and most installations can be completed in less than a day (pre-constructed concrete footers are required).